Varsity Tutors makes employees feel at home with a new office

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How their new space gives employees workspace options

Varsity Tutors is a live learning platform that connects experts with learners in any subject anytime, anywhere. After years of cultivating a primarily work-from-home workforce, the company was in high-growth mode and needed room to expand their Phoenix office.

As an education company, it made sense that Varsity Tutors looked for a home close to Arizona State University, ranked the Most Innovative School in America. The central location at 2120 East Rio Salado Parkway in Tempe provides the company with opportunities to recruit from the strong millennial population located around the University. The new office product also provided an opportunity to build an office environment custom fitted to the company’s needs. The result is a 39,000 square foot office where employees have the freedom to choose how they work. See their new space below.

“Our vison for the new space was an open environment that allowed people to approach each other in a familiar, friendly way,” said Chief People Officer Kevin Gaugush. “We didn’t want it to be stuffy.”

“We wanted a giant coffee house feel,” added Director of Human Resources Kelly Salkoskas. “It’s a place where people can come together, be comfortable, be collaborative or be quite if they need to. Employees can pick can choose what environment they need on a particular day and time.”

Environment options include a traditional but open bullpens, small single-seat wall nooks, high-top and picnic tables, collaborative booth areas and conference rooms, bean bag chairs and even a “quiet” room.

The space also includes a 2,500 square foot break room with finishes reminiscent of a boutique hotel including suspended light fixtures with hanging open books, a true representation of Varsity Tutors core business.

“The most important thing was being able to have employees come together in a comfortable space and enjoy where they work,” said Salkoskas.