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Another year in the spotlight for logistics real estate?

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Global Logistics Survey2015 proved to be a banner year for activity in many logistics markets around the world. What changes will 2016 hold? In our second annual Global Logistics Sentiment Survey , we asked our industrial real estate and supply chain market experts to look back at the second half of 2015 – to then… Read More

Santa Claus needs to clone himself ahead of expanded delivery season

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CaptureAs consumer purchasing habits continue to shift regarding Black Friday’s kickoff to the post-Thanksgiving shopping season, retailers are faced with a multitude of potential strategies for a successful holiday sales season. While some retailers have adopted tactics of setting early morning Black Friday even late night Thanksgiving day store hours, others… Read More

E-commerce boom triggers transformation in retail logistics

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e-commerceIt’s not news that e-commerce has transformed the retail world. That trend has been on the upswing, with total B2C e-commerce topping $1 trillion for the first time in 2012. What’s news is that the trend is still in its infancy. This means that the retailers that can develop their logistics networks to deliver superior consumer experience will grab a bigger piece of… Read More