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Transport networks are key to feeding the world

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Global goals to increase food productivity by 70 percent by 2050 are encouraging the logistics sector to begin a fresh wave of expansion.

The task of feeding a projected global population of 9 billion within 35 years is on the agenda at the World Economic… Read More

What are the big trends to watch in U.S. real estate?

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It’s a key year for the U.S. as the country goes to the polls to decide who will succeed President Obama in the White House in November.  

And while speculation rages over whether real estate mogul Donald Trump will get a… Read More

Perfecting the workspace user experience

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shutterstock_244632994-e1446045308409In today’s marketplace, success often rests on creating a positive user experience – whether you’re a tech company pioneering new products or a bank looking to attract the top talent to your head office.

Apple is the undeniable godfather of User Experience – design principles that put the customer first and make their products… Read More

Four trends shaping our future cities

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four-trends-shaping-our-future-cities-e1445877068785With big advances in science, technology and architecture our cities are changing at a rapid pace.

From sprawling metropolises to small cities, urban centers are embracing new developments and improving their infrastructures to boost the quality of life of their current and future inhabitants.

Rosemary Feenan, Head of Global Research Programmes at JLL, says: “The… Read More

Can a building be too ‘corporate’ looking?

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Can-a-building-look-too-corporate-e1439378330427With competition for millennial employees often seeming to come down to culture, companies are busily seeking creative spaces that reflect their mission.

And while exposed wood and converted warehouses have been luring tech companies for years, the desire to work in more creative, authentic space is now spilling into the broader world.

Christian Beaudoin, JLL’s… Read More