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Retail and manufacturing construction activity is strong as consumers spend – Q3 Construction Perspective

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Picture2Construction activity is shifting nationwide as manufacturing and retail companies make efforts to modernize, create more just-in-time shipping locations and link operations digitally.

Aiming to appeal to millennials and other city dwellers, many retailers continue to invest in small, stand-alone stores in city-center locations, focusing on unique interior construction that creates a… Read More

Can a building be too ‘corporate’ looking?

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Can-a-building-look-too-corporate-e1439378330427With competition for millennial employees often seeming to come down to culture, companies are busily seeking creative spaces that reflect their mission.

And while exposed wood and converted warehouses have been luring tech companies for years, the desire to work in more creative, authentic space is now spilling into the broader world.

Christian Beaudoin, JLL’s… Read More

Coming to a center near you…a sampling of new retail concepts expanding in the United States

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RetailTrendsWhitePaperWelcome to a new world of retail, where tenants entering the market bring innovative and often high-tech experiences to consumers. Many are focusing on the high and low ends of fashion as well as niche consumer lifestyles.

Bringing an experience
Despite claims that e-commerce will overtake traditional retail sales, physical retail space remains not only relevant, but attractive. Retailers plan to open approximately 76,545 stores in the next 24 months, according to RBC Capital Markets. And while several major closings were announced early this year, many others are stepping up expansion plans and taking advantage of vacant spaces in strategic locations. The last several years have been a steady stream of new stores and concepts in the retail space.… Read More