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Pure-Play Online Retail, Your Days are Numbered

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retailJust as old school retailers must go online to survive, online retailers will have to open physical stores to keep customers. L2’s recently published research report called “Death of Pure Play Retail” makes the case that an online-only retail model is unsustainable. Read more on ICSC’s Shopping Centers Today.

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Phoenix claims the best overall grade in growth trajectory of the top 16 U.S. retail real estate markets

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Markets2The 2015 school year is wrapping up and JLL is grading the growth trajectory of the top 16 U.S. retail real estate markets. More than half of the cities scored an “A” grade, indicating an expected four to five percent increase in growth through 2017. Phoenix in particular is taking its namesake to heart, rising to claim the best overall grade, according to JLL’s Retail Market Grade report, launched at the International Conference of Shopping Centers (ICSC) conference in Las Vegas.… Read More

Millenials driving retail industry to revisit in-store sales strategies

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Note: The following article originally appeared on JLL’s Retail Blog.

Play-Video-MillennialsRetailers and mall owners have their in-store sales strategies centered right on Millennials, the generation ages 18 to 34. This fast-growing consumer segment totals 80 million Americans who spend approximately $600 billion annually. Knowing how to attract Millennials’ money is the name of the game for retailers and retail… Read More