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Chart of the Week: Phoenix’s Chicken Little Challenge – Part 2

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COW_Phoenix_December 2

The 16-day partial government shutdown in October was yet another speed bump on the nation’s road to recovery. 6.6 million lost work days, $2.0 billion in back-pay costs, and 120,000 private sector jobs lost are just some of the associated costs. Fortunately, Phoenix managed to power through the shutdown relatively unscathed posting solid… Read More

U.S. Construction Outlook Fall 2013: Construction industry advancing in a challenging environment

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Construction-outlookThe construction industry today is in a vastly different state than it was one year ago. Despite a lagging recovery, the construction industry managed to withstand systemic shocks to the U.S. economy and build off of positive momentum in certain sectors during late 2012 into 2013. The resurgence of the U.S. housing market is helping to propel construction activity… Read More

Government shutdowns and vacancy spikes: A historical account

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COW_Phoenix_September 30 - Government Shutdown

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