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Global Corporate Real Estate Trend #4: Outsourcing

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Global Corporate Real Estate Trends Survey-2015-1We wrap up the Global Corporate Real Estate Report series with the introduction of Theme 4: Outsourcing.

CRE teams are using outsourced service providers across more geographies and industry sectors; but many are still missing the opportunity to drive strategic, long-term value through outsourcing partnerships.

Given the intense pressure to deliver across a

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Global Corporate Real Estate Trend #3: Expectation

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Global Corporate Real Estate Trends Survey-2015-1The third article in our Global Corporate Real Estate Trend series, we introduce Theme #3: Expectation.

Demand to deliver across a range of tactical and strategic activity continues to intensify, challenging the composition and skills of CRE teams and creating a ‘pressure cooker’ of expectations.

A central theme of our 2013 report was

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Global Corporate Real Estate Trend #2: Integration

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Global Corporate Real Estate Trends Survey-2015-1Last week, we introduced the first of four themes from the 2015 JLL Global Corporate Real Estate Report. This week, we introduce Theme 2: Integration.

Interaction and integration with other business functions and stakeholders is a growing need, but it is a strong feature of only a few CRE teams.

While there is strong intent to transform the structure of CRE teams, these teams do not, and cannot, operate in isolation.

Success relies on their ability to interact and integrate with a range of internal groups across the organization – corporate support functions (such as HR, IT and finance); internal procurement and sourcing professionals; and business units (the internal “customers”).

Strong, effective relationships with these groups are critical to the success of CRE teams.




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  • Read about Theme 1: Centralization
  • Click here to download the entire JLL Global Corporate Real Estate Report

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Global Corporate Real Estate Trend #1: Centralization

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Global Corporate Real Estate Trends Survey-2015-1Over the last six years, JLL has captured the voice of the corporate real estate (CRE) community, including 540 CRE executives from more than 350 companies and 36 countries, to provide powerful insights into the current status and future direction of the industry.

The findings from our 2015 report are summarized into four themes: 1. Centralization, 2. Integration, 3. Expectation and 4. Outsourcing. We expand upon Theme 1 in this article.… Read More