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Phoenix’s green thumb signals market rebound

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Perspective by John Bonnell, Managing Director, Agency Leasing and Jackie Hines, Group Manager, Property Management

In Phoenix, owners with LEED certified buildings can capture a premium of 29 percent over buildings without this distinction.

A year ago, tenants were not willing to pony up the additional dollars associated with being in a green… Read More

Is your portfolio green and productive? You can measure it — really.

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Sustainability-blogIn a recent productivity study of 32,000 employees, almost half of them admitted to performing “below par” and not being as fully engaged as they could be. The study found that employee engagement is affected by 1) corporate culture, leadership and the relationship between employees and managers; and 2) the physical work environment. Other field studies show that a workplace environment… Read More

Chart of the Week: Phoenix’s green thumb – A few LEED-certified buildings in the valley outperform the market

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COW_Phoenix_March 24v2

Phoenix is home to only a handful of LEED-certified office buildings greater than 20,000 square feet, but data shows that it pays to be sustainable. These LEED-certified buildings are outperforming the rest of the market in terms of vacancy by 5.5 percentage points and are charging a 29.0 percent premium on rental rates.

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How the oil and gas boom impact U.S. real estate, and beyond

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Our recent 5-part infographic series explained where, when and why the change is happening and how it impacts your business. Check out the full story in this short video U.S. Energy Boom video!

To learn more, go directly to the campaign page for a collection of resources: America’s energy boom

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Change in U.S. energy production causes a ripple effect

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Over the past few years, we went from being a net importer of oil, natural gas and biofuel, to a net exporter. Check out the infographic below to see how this has impacted energy companies, the economy, the job market, other industries and more.

Fueling a Change: A big transition in the U.S. energy pipeline

Tweet this: @JLLNews says the #US switch from a net importer to a net exporter changed the… Read More