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Arizona’s #InvestInED movement continues to gain traction for November ballot

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Arizona’s recent #InvestInEd movement aims to increase statewide spending on K-12 public education via tax hikes for individuals making over $250,000 (+3.5% increase) and $500,000 (+4.45% increase) and joint filers over $500,000 (+3.5% increase) and $1,000,000 (+4.45% increase).

With the current tax rate standing at 4.54%, each mentioned segment would… Read More

Looking ahead: Five higher education campus facility trends to watch in 2018

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Declining revenues. Aging facilities. Rising pension liabilities. These factors, combined with the pressure of delivering a high-quality, high-tech campus experience that younger generations expect, and it’s clear that higher education leaders here… Read More

Phoenix Unemployment Update: November 2015

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Phoenix job growth continues to gain momentum, adding 46,800 jobs to the Valley in the 12 months ended in September 2015.

Education and Health Services saw the largest gains, adding 8,400 new jobs (3.1 percent) over the last… Read More

Phoenix employment update: May 2015

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Slide 1Phoenix 12-month job growth has remained strong, adding over 55,000 jobs to the Valley.

Education and Health Services led the charge, adding 11,700 new jobs over the last 12 months. Professional and Business Services came in close second with 11,207 new jobs and Trade, Transportation, and Utilities added an additional 10,803. The under-performing Construction sector… Read More

Phoenix Employment Update | October 2014

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October Phoenix Employment Update

As of October, Phoenix 12-month job growth has been a steady 2.3 percent. The Valley added 42,504 new jobs to maintain its consistent trend.

Education and Health Services continue to be the fastest growing sector in Phoenix adding 14,120 new jobs over the last 12 months. Office-using employment such as Professional and… Read More

Phoenix Employment Update | July 2014

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July Phoenix Employment UpdatePhoenix employment slowed in May to 1.6 percent over the last 12 months. The Valley added just 28,000 new jobs  over the last year.

The public sector has been a heavy weight on Phoenix’s positive employment growth as government shed over 9,000 in the last year. Education and health services as well as… Read More

Phoenix Employment Update | May 2014

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May Phoenix Employment UpdatePhoenix employment growth has slowed slightly to 2.2 percent over the last 12 months. The Valley added 39,900 new jobs new jobs over the last year.

The top four sectors include Trade, Transportation & Utilities, Education & Health Services, Professional & Business Services, and Financial Activities. These four employment sectors make up the… Read More

Chart of the Week: Phoenix’s healthy side

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COW_Phoenix_February 10

Every major employment sector in Phoenix lost jobs through the most recent recession, except for education and healthcare. This sector managed to maintain positive job growth through the worst of it all. Average job growth for all other sectors over the last 20 years has been 2.5 percent… Read More