Primark Bucking Omni-channel Approach to Retail

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Primark-Blog-HeaderJames Cook, JLL Director of Retail Research, recently visited the website of Primark for the first time – they’re the latest international retailer to enter the U.S. market, with one location in Boston open now and another seven announced for the northeast corridor. Known for fast fashion at prices lower than its competitor, he was excited to get in on the goodness. He clicked and added a few hoodies to his cart, but when it came time to purchase his list of goodies, he found that he couldn’t. There is no way to purchase Primark goods online. If he wants Primark, he’ll have to print out my list and take it to the store – but that’s about a thousand miles away. So logically, he needed to explore how this retailer remains profitable and successful in the internet age. Click here to read the full article on the JLL Retail Blog.


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