JLL Phoenix adds new Multifamily team to the mix

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The JLL family welcomes Managing Directors Matt Steffen and Brandon Harrington, Senior Analyst Brittain Mandy and Transaction Manager Michelle Teeling to the Phoenix office. The team of four brings a new service line to the Phoenix office, Multifamily, Debt and Equity. We sat down with the team to get to know them better.

How did you guys come to being a team?

“Brandon, Michelle and I all originally met working in different disciplines in the bullpen at Colliers International in early 2009,” said Matt. “Brittain, who came highly recommended, moved from Nashville to work with us, and Michelle joined soon after to round out the team at our former company.”

“Our two best additions over the years have been the addition of Brittain and Michelle,” said Brandon. Matt and I wouldn’t be able to do what we do without their dedication and execution every day.”

What about joining the JLL family excites you the most?

“The synergy,” said Michelle. “I love working within a large office with exposure to so many resources and a number of experience professionals.”

“Even though we are focused on multifamily financing, it’s great to be integrated in an office with so many different business lines to get a pulse on everything going on in the market,” said Brandon. “In addition, the connectivity with the multifamily group nationally and the willingness to invest in technology is impressive. Lastly I would say that our experience with the underwriters and credit officers has been extremely positive.”

What is different about debt and equity from other service lines?

“Brokers make the dream, finance makes the dream come true,” said Matt.

“Debt-and-equity placement is the premise for virtually all CRE transactions, from which other service lines are branched,” said Brittain.

What is one piece of advice you wish you could give your younger self?

“Buy Amazon stock,” said Brittain.

“Embrace adversity sooner,” said Michelle.

“Invest everything you can in the multifamily market in 2009 and 2010,” said Brandon. “On a serious note something I always tell folks that haven’t been in the business that long is to listen as much as possible in meetings. So many young brokers want to show up and pitch instead of listening to the client’s needs. Also if you don’t know the answer, don’t try and bluff. There is nothing wrong with telling a client you don’t have that answer right now but will get right back to them.”