Global Corporate Real Estate Trend #3: Expectation

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Global Corporate Real Estate Trends Survey-2015-1The third article in our Global Corporate Real Estate Trend series, we introduce Theme #3: Expectation.

Demand to deliver across a range of tactical and strategic activity continues to intensify, challenging the composition and skills of CRE teams and creating a ‘pressure cooker’ of expectations.

A central theme of our 2013 report was the sheer weight of demand on CRE teams to deliver against a broad range of tactical and strategic tasks.

Two years on, this shows no signs of abating. We asked our respondents to assess whether C-suite demands to deliver against 19 separate tactical and strategic tasks were increasing or decreasing. More than half of our respondents say that pressure is increasing in 14 of these 19 tasks, and these are only some of the activities for which the CRE team is responsible, suggesting that the pressure is even greater than reported.




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