Global Corporate Real Estate Trend #4: Outsourcing

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Global Corporate Real Estate Trends Survey-2015-1We wrap up the Global Corporate Real Estate Report series with the introduction of Theme 4: Outsourcing.

CRE teams are using outsourced service providers across more geographies and industry sectors; but many are still missing the opportunity to drive strategic, long-term value through outsourcing partnerships.

Given the intense pressure to deliver across a range of tactical and strategic tasks, it is little surprise that CRE teams continue to enter into outsourcing arrangements with service providers. Today, 86 percent of all respondents are actively outsourcing elements of their CRE activities. However, the evolution of outsourcing has been uneven across regions and is only beginning to advance from the outsourcing of tactical activities to the strategic level of partnership that has become common in IT outsourcing. Attitudes toward outsourcing can be seen when placed on a continuum between highly tactical, cost-sensitive outsourcing and highly strategic outsourcing that is focused on delivering long-term value.





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