Four trends shaping our future cities

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four-trends-shaping-our-future-cities-e1445877068785With big advances in science, technology and architecture our cities are changing at a rapid pace.

From sprawling metropolises to small cities, urban centers are embracing new developments and improving their infrastructures to boost the quality of life of their current and future inhabitants.

Rosemary Feenan, Head of Global Research Programmes at JLL, says: “The urban world is packed full of discussion about how to solve the key challenges to the cities of the future. How to make sustainability the norm in cities, how to reduce the congestion on our streets and to create safe places for people to live and work, along with ensuring the security of our food and water supplies are just some of them.

“While some cities already have solutions in place which are paving the ways for tomorrow’s innovations, others have yet to start.”

Here are four trends which are already having a big impact:

  1. Greener cities
  2. Goodbye congestion, hello improved mobility
  3. Going high rise
  4. Everything will be connected

Click here to visit JLL’s Real Views to learn more about the four trends.

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