Broker spotlight: Getting to know our new Capital Markets brokers

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In September, our JLL family grew a little larger with the addition of Tivon Moffitt, Peter Bauman and John Paul Mulhern. The team leads the Phoenix office’s net lease investment sales practice. In the second edition of our “Broker Spotlight” series, we sat down with the new team members to learn more about their brokerage focus area, their background and hobbies.


 For those who aren’t familiar with capital markets brokerage, explain net lease.
“Net lease brokerage is essentially working with a single-building property that has only one tenant,” said Moffitt. “The most familiar types of net lease properties are single-standing retail properties you may find in the parking lot of a shopping complex, such as a McDonald’s or a bank. But net lease properties include office, retail, industrial and even medical.”

“Investors who are interested in these types of properties differ from traditional office investors because they aren’t looking to purchase value-added property but rather are seeking stable investment opportunities,” added Bauman.

How did the three of you come to being a team?
“We can attribute this to Tivon, or ‘The Godfather’ as we like to call him,” said Bauman. “After spending some time in the commercial real estate industry in Florida, Tivon approached me about joining him at Colliers when he moved back to Phoenix. We led the build-up of the net lease division at Colliers and worked on building strong investment relationships throughout the U.S.”

“I was introduced to Peter and Tivon through an internship I completed at Colliers,” said Mulhern. “I grew up with many family members working in the commercial real estate industry so it always intrigued me. I was lucky enough to build great relationships with these two and join their team.”

What do you like to do when you’re not closing deals?
“All three of us love the outdoors and enjoy traveling,” said Mulhern. “Collectively, we’ve spent extensive periods of time abroad—Tivon on a three month around-the-world honeymoon, Peter two and half years in West Africa and two years in Australia and New Zealand myself. When we’re not traveling, we’re participating in sporting events like Peter who just completed his first half Ironman.”

“Tivon has also had his EMT license for 20 years. We were at lunch earlier this week and Tivon saw a woman in distress. The woman was having a heart attack and he assisted until paramedics arrived,” said Bauman.

“Peter also makes excellent home-brewed beer,” added Moffitt.

What about joining the JLL family excites you the most?
“We’re excited about joining a market leader in the commercial real estate industry and a firm that truly values collaboration and believes in arming its brokers with a wealth of support to be successful,” said Moffitt.

Bauman added, “The net lease team within JLL is growing a lot and we’re excited to be a part of that journey to make JLL the go-to firm for all things net lease.”

The Phoenix office of JLL is excited to welcome this team to our family, bringing our total number of brokers to 44. Click here to learn more about JLL’s capital markets net lease services.

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