12 transformations in the retail industry for the next 25 years

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A part of your job as a retailer or shopping center owner is future-proofing your business. But with so much else to do, there’s little time to think about the future. You’re busy just trying to get through the day. Don’t panic. JLL’s new Retailers Guide to the Galaxy will help you prepare for what lies ahead.

In the guide, we have collected and distilled the top 12 trends that will shape the future of retail and real estate:

  1. Geofences
  2. Mobile payment
  3. Drones
  4. 3D printing
  5. Retail and office combination
  6. Virtual and augmented reality
  7. Artificial intelligence
  8. The Internet of things
  9. Dynamic pricing
  10. Cashierless stores
  11. Climate change
  12. Driverless cars

This report is organized on a time horizon, with near-term trends in the front and long-term ones in the back. Each trend is led with a short impact statement that tells you the expected magnitude, timing and affected parties.

Click here to download the report today. You’ll know more about the future of retail than when you started. Good luck, time traveler. The future is yours.

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